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‘Loneliness is on its way to becoming Britain’s most lethal condition’, ran a headline in The Independent earlier this year.


Apparently, up to one in four people experience loneliness in the UK. Social changes, such as an ageing population and more people choosing to live on their own than ever before, mean loneliness statistics are only projected to rise as the years pass by.


We are all social creatures at heart, which is why social media does not appear to fill the loneliness void so many people sadly experience. Communication has become more and more faceless, with many people preferring to send emails or social media messages, rather than pick up the phone or speak face to face.


I have seen this happen in many offices, in which colleagues will email one another even when they are only sitting a desk apart! Many businesses have started taking the hint, implementing employee wellness programmes which encourage social connection.


This is a hopeful step forward, although for me there is often the temptation in business to treat “wellbeing” as nothing but a cosy buzzword. There is no substitute for personal connection in our lives, and this should always be taken seriously and encouraged.


It can feel incredibly difficult to connect with others when we’re feeling alone. Often, we don’t know where to begin, or we don’t want to appear too weak. I liken these periods in our lives to rattling around inside of a vacuum cleaner, spinning wildly out of control on the inside, yet appearing smooth and efficient on the outside.


But when we look behind those glowing social media photos, positive messages and faceless emails, there are real, flawed people who experience all the same ups and downs in life as we do. Even during those times when it feels like your life is crashing around your ears, you are never truly alone.


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Loneliness is on its way to becoming Britain’s most lethal condition

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