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While sharp-eyed readers might note that “summer” does indeed include an R, the summer months of June, July and August do not.


I see this fact as a timely reminder to create our very own Rs to live by during the months of summer.  To start with, think  Rest, Relax and Recharge – all ideal ways to spend these sun-soaked days, even if we are not taking an organised holiday.


In fact, taking an organised holiday can sometimes mean we lose our focus on vital rest and relaxation, because we confine them to just one or two weeks.  If we are holidaying with the family, it is easy to spend even less time on ourselves than usual.  Instead, we make sure everybody else is feeling happy and relaxed, and then we return home to piles of work!


Whether we embrace it or not, we all naturally start to wind down in summer, making it the perfect time to make a list of our very own Rs.  My list includes the wonderful words Refocus, Review,Repair, Renew, Re-energise, Reinvigorate, and Reinvent. 


Let’s not forget Relationships and Reconnection, too.  After all, it is all too easy to forget who we really are in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines.  We can also start to lose our appreciation for the most important people in our lives, as we rush around here, there and everywhere. 


In fact, taking time to value ourselves and others helps strengthen our relationships and brings joy, love and support into our lives. So this summer, I have decided to set you a brand-new challenge.


Make your list of Rs, and when you have finished, set a timer for fifteen minutes and focus on your favourite.  You can put them all into a hat and pick one out at random if you prefer!


For example, if you choose Rest you could take a catnap, or for Relationships you could call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while (though the resulting conversation could take a little bit longer than fifteen minutes!).  Re-energise could mean taking an invigorating walk, while Reinvent could involve planning for a change you have always wanted to make.


Of course, how you interpret those Rs is completely up to you.  Just remember, it’s all about spending that precious summer time on ourselves and those we care about, meaning we can head into Autumn feeling fully Refreshed and Revived!


I’d love to know how you get on, so if you have the time then why not drop me a line?

"Summer” does indeed include an R, but, the Summer months of June, July and August do not...

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