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So it’s autumn again, and it’s wonderful to see the stunning flames of amber, reds and golds around, I used to get a sinking feeling in autumn knowing that the coat of rich colours surrounding me was bringing dark, cold, winter days. Winter lethargy and hibernation is hard for many, and it’s historically been a time when I’ve found it hard to feel motivated or positive. But this year I feel much more optimistic!

I think that before we know it, the shortest day of the year will be here – and then spring is just around the corner. What shifted my thinking?

You won’t be expecting this answer – but it was decluttering a wardrobe in late summer. Procrastination is the enemy of progress. I moved in to a new home 10 years’ ago. Since then I’ve been meaning to declutter my wardrobe. But the more time passed, the harder it became. I had lots of excuses of course. I didn’t want to get rid of things I might want to wear again, or might suddenly really need. I was busy. I had no time to do such a long and boring job. It was easier to delay and delay and suddenly months had passed and this small job had blown out of all proportion in my mind. I was imagining hours of back-breaking and mentally taxing labour. Why did I so want to cling on to some old clothes? Was I also holding on to old ideas about myself?

Once I got the job done I pondered why I’d kept hold of some clothes for 10 years’ longer than I needed to. I realised that I have grown and gone through many changes in that time. The wardrobe represented me – and my decision to clear it out represented me showing who I am now. Months later I am so pleased I did this. In fact, it motivated me to clean out some old paperwork and other clutter too.Your thoughts are holding you back
The wardrobe procrastination story showed me that holding on to the past was stopping me moving forward. But, more than that, the main culprit for this inability to progress was my own thoughts.

If I want things to look better, if I want to create more time, more space and more energy, a bigger and more successful business – then I had to let go to grow.
I had to lose negative thinking, chatter, past experiences that no longer serve me. I had to create space in my mind – breathing space – for creativity, smart solutions and more achievements. This shift in mind-set started paying dividends immediately.

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What thoughts are holding you back? What’s stopping you from growing?

“We should start choosing our thoughts like we choose our clothes for the day.” —Farnoosh Brock

Seeing autumn with new eyes.Today I relish these autumn days leading to winter. I choose to look with wonder. I see the fall of leaves, the beautiful trees, as a sign of better things to come. Leaves shedding is just letting go so something new can grow. For a very short space of time the trees will be empty branches but they are already preparing for the next season.The days will be a little darker – however, they soon will be filled with fireworks and Christmas lights – warm fires and … time to start thinking about what you want to happen in the very near future.

I’d encourage you to enjoy this time, and start finding time and space to process what you want to be, learn and feel in 2016. Let’s start the new year feeling motivated, energised and ready to achieve our goals.