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Looking at my business mileage this year only car journeys not trains or buses or walking just being in my car - toted up a few thousand miles! Wow it dawned on me my objective to work was to be on the road to somewhere yet I hadn't quantified how much time is spent travelling. Yes, time spent travelling not preparing, presenting, coaching, consulting, training - delivering my goal working with people.

It really hadn't hit me until I looked at this, that I spend much more time travelling to my ultimate destination whether it be my business meetings, conducting  and this is before I actually conduct any work-related hours. Reflecting on this when on public transport it is easier to spend this time wisely, and be productive, catching up with reading matter, writing or even picking up emails returning emails, internet research...

However, what do you do to ease your travel journey in the car? You have to concentrate/focus on your journey, whether local driving or long distance there is no doubt that all of us are caught in traffic jams, volume of traffic, roadworks and naturally weather conditions - rain always add so much more time to our journey and sometimes for absolutely no reason we are caught up waiting to go forward

How can we use this time to stay calm, neutral and relieve our pressure/stress/anxiety from getting on time to our destination and delivering what we are expected to deliver in this case our work? Saying that we can get stuck with any method of transport but then get again do we not sometimes stay static or stuck in our daily lives whether it be work, career, professional or personal development, family, home/work balance? This is the time when coaching could the first step to finding solutions to resolve our objectives/goals to get to our destinations?

A client of mine who I had worked with on two minute mindfulness although skeptical started to do two minutes a day and then one day he got stuck in traffic, going nowhere, he practiced his two minute mindfulness.  Realising the traffic had still not moved, yet he was still in a state of being calm and when the traffic moved he realised he was calm and able to enjoy his very slow journey., he knew he would eventually reach his destination. It may take time to get to your destination, however, if you have a route/direction and know that it may take time to get there, there may be blocks of all sorts but if you can identify them then you can deal with them and you are kitted with the right tools then travelling this journey will feel simpler and achievable.

So like me when in the car and travelling you make listen to the listen to music or get involved in a debate on the radio - the point is you are carried forward with words/lyrics - and suddenly your are involved with calmness, coaching is simply conversation with you and your coach it allows time for you, to be in a place of calm and help understand where you are and create clarity so you are closer to your objectives and motivated to get to your outcome with the best methods and most of all start to enjoy the journey to get there!