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We have probably all heard the familiar saying, “people buy people”.

If you think about some of the best service interactions you have experienced from companies over the years, it is more than likely they happened because of the people you encountered, rather than a wizzy website or super-fast delivery.

Know what you bring: understand your values

For your customers to get the very best service from you, you need to make sure your values are at the forefront of your business.

This isn’t just a tip for sole traders or smaller companies – think of people like Richard Branson, whose personal values are irrevocably linked with his ventures and approach.

It can help to think of your values as threads that run through everything you say and do. If you’re having trouble defining your values, think about some of the ideal attributes you would like your customers to have. The most successful people-focused businesses match their values to those of their ideal clients, so hopefully, when you examine yours, you will begin to spot a pattern!

As an example, one pattern I have spotted in my coaching business is that my clients are often very intelligent people who have lost their way. They need guidance and encouragement to help them through a block in life, or to achieve something they never thought they could. Enabling them to do just that is at the forefront of my values, reflected in my ‘listen, talk, inspire’ approach.

What do you enjoy about your business?

Think about what really lights you up inside, and what you enjoy most about your business – it can help to grab a piece of paper and list everything you can think of for a quick motivational session!

Above all, remember that when we work in harmony with our values, we are more likely to attract clients who understand and emulate them. Our values help us enjoy what we do, as well as enabling us to make the right decisions.

With the year just beginning, there is no better time to really understand and define your values, and give your business an authentic, people-focused boost!