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Isn’t it shocking that Madonna has turned sixty? It seems like only yesterday that she burst onto the scene in a haze of lace, lipstick and liveliness. After more than thirty-five years in the spotlight, she is still going strong.


Meanwhile, the still touring, eternally youthful David Essex has just turned 71, while Burt Bacharach is still enthralling his audiences at ninety years of age.


Young or old, we have all met people who don’t ‘act their age’. This convinces me that the quality of our lives is affected by our attitude far more than the dates on our birth certificates.


Like many people, I watched Serena Williams’ magnificent journey to this year’s Wimbledon final, not very long after she had given birth for the first time. An interviewer asked her to share her secrets of success, and she replied that she simply played the game as though she had nothing to lose. What a wonderful attitude!


Serena Williams made me think about how lovely it is to grow older and go with the flow a little more in our lives. When you reach a certain age, you realise that you have already done a lot of your worrying, and you have already made a lot of your most important decisions.


Whatever the outcome happened to have been, age brings us the gift of acceptance. Life is what it is, and we now have the incredible opportunity to reduce our resistance and just enjoy the journey.


However, this doesn’t always mean reducing our workload! In the cases of Madonna, David Essex and Burt Bacharach, it is clear that they still love what they do, as do their audiences. I am not sure that I would call this “work”, but rather “entertainment” – for themselves, not the audiences.


How do we know if we are indulging in work or entertainment? I see entertainment as the natural enjoyment, motivation and love of a particular passion you have in life. When this happens, you naturally live your life in flow, with happiness and success following you as if by magic.


The wonderful thing is that it is never too late to indulge your own form of entertainment – as some of the people I have mentioned here prove. A friendly and relaxed conversation with me will help explore the options available to you in your own life. So why not get in contact and begin a brand new journey?

Age brings us the gift of acceptance. Life is what it is, and we now have the incredible opportunity to reduce our resistance and simply just sit back enjoy a brand new journey...

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